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3am Coffee is my digital playground. Where I share information about technical aspects of my front-end web development work, and a sandbox to explore new digital projects—a test lab of sorts.

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2015 Annual Report of Jody Bailey

I wanted an excuse to build something that presents data, focusing on subtle typography to aid in heirarchy of the numbers. And what a better way to tell the story of one's year, than through an annual report. View my 2015

Edmonton Vs Mars

Discovery of a Mars weather API and the need to make something one weekend, I put together a direct comparison between the temperature on Mars, and the temperature on earth. It's simple. It works. It's a thing. Compare Temps

Canmore on the lazy side

Canmore on the lazy side is a sandbox for my latest WP editor and layout generator. I'm focusing on telling a photographic story through interesting visual layouts, all custom one offs through ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) in the admin. It's flexible. It's malleable. It's just getting started. View The Layout

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