Strava Session

Your effort is worth being captured like a pro.

The process used to capture professional athletes, and five hour marathoners alike — for half a decade — is available in Edmonton, AB with our Strava Sessions.

Do you have a Strava segment you've been eyeing up? We can do that — Chasing Crown Chasers.

Racing a 10k or half marthon this summer? Covered in a Strava Session.

Simply eager for spectacular photos of your favourite route through the Edmonton River Valley during your training block to remember forever? We are ready with a camera and you are worth it.

Ready to book your session?

If you already have an idea or plan, a route, and are ready to go ...

How a Strava Session works.

This is YOUR session, and there are no rules. We've got a block of time, a starting location, and the rest is on you if you want — we've also got routes and photo ideas to lead the direction. Your session could be you ...
... and a training partner.
... and a running group.
... and your four legged furry friend. Please someone book some friend sessions!

Wendy comes over a high point in the trail, with camera downhill looking up through blurred out tall grass, as they run down the hidden trail in black tights and a blue jacket with an ear to ear grin.

You book your session, fill out a form we send you, and we'll confirm everything before your scheduled Strava Session.

After a 90 minute run/workout/race/segment crown/whatever, us likely chasing you on a bike, we will come back with 20-30 cropped/processed photos from various angles, perspectives, and locations.

Booking your Strava Session is easy as one, two, three.

1/ Book your session.

Select an available day, then time, and book your Strava Session.

2/ Fill out some details.

Your email address used at checkout will receive a link to a form to fill out.

3/ We'll confirm everything.

Within 24 hours, we will contact you to confirm all details based on your responses to the form.