Meet the 3am Coffee dream team.

A quaint but mighty pair … full of skills.

We are not a large agency with just two of us answering emails, but we cover the gamut of most business needs having worked with small teams our entire careers.

Alicia Chung

Production, Strategy, & Boss

Alicia brings more connections to a meeting than a spider web. Bonding immediately with people and brands equally, Alicia sets goals, then ruthlessly overachieves them — smiling the entire time. With over half a decade building at Lululemon, the impact of Alicia’s work is always felt for a long time post event.

Jody Bailey

Design, Photography, & Geek

Jody is a literal thinker, hyper fixated on efficiency, with special interests in nearly every aspect of the creative process. An equal parts big picture dot connector and content producer, this communication professional has nearly two decades of both agency & freelance work. They can likely consult for your business in their sleep … 🤔

So … what can we do for you?

We have a combined two — plus — decades solving problems for professional athletes, hundred million dollar brands, and the best restaurant around the corner that no one knew about before hiring our teams. We take a high level view of your needs and capabilities, matching maintainable solutions to your team — regardless of size.

  • Consulting
  • Event Production
  • Product Design
  • Photography
  • Brand & Identity
  • Visual Design
  • Web Dev
  • Public Relations
  • … Propoganda

We would love to see how we can work together.

Fill out the form on our contact page to let us know what you are working on, and how we can help.