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At M2M we are dedicated to providing a space for athletes of all abilities and experience levels to achieve their goals. We strive to provide expert coaching and an empowering community to meet athletes where they’re at and support them through their athletic journey.

We have developed a set of services that have helped countless athletes achieve their goals. From our fun and invigorating group workouts, to expertly crafted training schedules, to world-class personal coaching services, we believe we can provide everyone with a service that will help them be the athlete they want to be.

Custom Training Plan

$100.00 / month

+ $100 start-up fee - includes initial coach consultation and team gear

Our Custom Training Schedule service is meant for athletes who want expertly planned training, but have a firm grasp on the ins-and-outs of the sport. You’re an athlete who needs the accountability and expertise of a training plan designed by a coach, but doesn’t require constant communication. You’re life schedule is fairly consistent and you do not require last minute changes to your training, or if you do, you’re confident in making them on your own. This plan includes:

  • A customized training plan, designed just for you
  • Training plan updates made monthly based on your coach’s analysis 
  • Automatic enrolment in the M2M Workout Membership – access to group workouts in any M2M city

Personal Coaching

$150.00 / month

+ $100 start-up fee - includes initial coach consultation and team gear

In addition to expertly planned training, our Personal Coaching service is designed for athletes that desire ongoing support from their coach. Whether it’s gaining more knowledge, having a trusted motivator, or needing extra support on race day strategy, our world-class coaches are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Through our personal coaching service we go the distance to provide you with the guidance and tools you need to succeed, no matter your experience level. Personal Coaching includes:

  • A highly adaptive training plan, designed just for you, by your coach
  • Regular and ongoing communication, support, and guidance from your coach
  • Regular feedback, analysis, and updates to your training plan
  • Automatic enrolment in the M2M Workout Membership – access to group workouts in any M2M city

M2M Workout Membership

$50.00 / month

Group Workouts/Coaching

An M2M Workout Membership provides athletes with access to group workouts in cities where M2M has a presence. With this membership, you are part of the Mile2Marathon team and have access to M2M coaches, group training sessions, and more. Details of this membership include:

  • Access to group workouts in any M2M city
  • Weekly group workout emails – if you can’t join us for practice, you can still get the workout!
  • Access to M2M coaching that varies from city to city with target races the group will be training for
  • As part of the M2M Family, you’ll have access to M2M merch and partner discounts

FAQ's: Personal Coaching & Custom Training Plans

Still have questions for us? Check out our full FAQ page to learn more.

  • [+] What does the initial start-up fee cover?

    The start-up fee covers a few things including:

    • Access to your own Training Peaks account 
    • In-depth review of your athlete intake questionnaire with your coach
    • Initial in-person (depending on location) or facetime/skype/phone conversation
    • Detailed discussions around goal setting, lifestyle, racing schedule and more to provide the best possible individualized training program
    • Basic M2M Fuelling Guide
    • Basic M2M Strength Training Program
    • M2M Team Gear
  • [+] What platform does M2M use for remote coaching?

    We coach our athletes remotely using Training Peaks. We use this program to plan and outline your schedule. It is also where you will log your workouts and all applicable information. Think of it as an online training log that both you and your coach can access. Your coach will upload your prescribed schedule on a regular, pre-determined basis. When you complete your training you can sync your GPS watch data or manually upload it to the platform. Your coach can then analyze all of this data and provide feedback and necessary adjustments.

  • [+] What are the differences between Personal Coaching and a Custom Training Plan?

    Answer the question here.

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