Leonard Chesoo’s Banque Scotia Montréal Virtual Race 10K

Always send the message.

I happen to catch my favourite Race Director / virtual father, Alan Brookes, mention something about Leonard Chesoo running a virtual Banque Scotia de Montréal Virtual Race — 10k. Leonard is in Edmonton … 🤔

I’m so hesitant to even send the message but say the hell with it, fire out a couple messages, and before too long, I’ve got a map, starting position, and a start time. Sunday night at 5pm, through a wildly busy park, over the busiest pedestrian bridge in town … interesting.

Leonard poses for the camera with an almost blown out white background as he preps in the shade on the hot sunny evening.

Let’s just say virtual racing is slightly different from typical race action. And I’m all for it. Leonard has a beautiful course picked. If I can manage to catch up to him rolling at 3:10’ish/km through the chaos of the course, we’ll get some bangers come down — despite a bluebird sky day.

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