Chasing Crown Chasers

Allison chases crowns … I chase Allison.

Heading north across the Walterdale, I give myself very little time from the last spot under the south end of the bridge. I scamper up the hill, hammer to the north end of the bridge, and just catch the frame I want between shadows as I hustle to my spot.

Big @emilysetlack energy today from Allison means she is working hard with her shoulders high and elbows taking space. We are into the last quarter of the segment, and I remind Allison that now is the time to start prepping for the final push.

The warmup down to the start of the course in front of the ever name changing baseball field just north east of the Walterdale Bridge — begins in the shadows of early AM downtown Amiskwaciy Wâskahikan.

This is an excellent way to celebrate a seemingly innocuous workout. Raceday is all fun and games, but an intimate workout down in the river valley with just your watch, and my camera there to witness, provides a story we often overlook — we call them Strava Sessions.

Warmup down to the start line complete with a shoe retighten before some strides to get the systems ready for a hot pace out of the gate.
There is, and always will be, time for one last portrait before we get this segment hunt underway.

Allison is early in a training block and is using this segment as a testing ground. The overall crown is certainly within her reach, and a 4.4KM segment is the perfect distance to see where she is at. Meet for 6:00AM at my place is all I need to hear. The sun is near perfect for us with deep blue skies, and the course has all kinds of shot opportunities across multiple bridges — just like I like.

Time to catch that Crown 👑

The proper look one should have after attempting a looooong Strava Segment.

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