Jody Bailey 2015 Annual Report

Developer Designer
Photographer Data Geek

I look to data for insights every day, so I thought I would try to communicate some insights into the rythym of my life—through data. Please review some numbers from my labour, transportation, and communications in 2015.



Freelance work includes web development, project management, on location event photography, or consulting services.


Total Freelance Hours

  • #dev 337:09 h
  • #on_location 166:01 h
  • #processing 163:37 h
  • #pm 51:57 h
  • #content 49:23 h
  • #devops 36:31 h
  • #meeting 32:34 h
  • #research 20:39 h
  • #design 19:18 h
  • #accounting 16:50 h
  • #procurement 11:59 h


Versett from January until the end of June, and Lift Interactive from October through the end of the year.


Total Employed Hours

  • Versett690:52 h
  • #dev545:06 h
  • #devops67:49 h
  • #design55:12 h
  • #meetings27:52 h
  • Lift Interactive403:51 h
  • #strategy249:04 h
  • #admin61:49 h
  • #commute30:08 h
  • #pm26:06 h



The bicycle is my primary mode of transportation for one reason, and one reason only—a bicycle is the best tool for my transportation needs.


Total KMs

  • Life 1028 km
  • Commute 468 km
  • Photography 237 km
  • Total Trips237


I don’t own a car, but rent them frequently enough. Typical car milage for the year is much lower, but this year I had no big road trips.


Total KMs

  • Whitefish MT1821 km
  • Easter in SK1693 km
  • Farm SK1259 km
  • Saskatoon SK1125 km
  • Canmore AB1067 km
  • Euro Trip634 km
  • Total Trips11



You will be thinking, “Photos taken” as a form of communication? 2015 has taught me a lot, and the privilage a camera offers has everything to do with communication. Photography humbled me this year because I did not understand how photography can communicate. Every frame I take; communicates a message.

  • Photos taken29118
  • Email sent765
  • GB's of photos taken572.69
  • Min on phone (78 calls)414:07
  • Tweets239
  • Instagram Posts111

Jody Bailey

2015 annual report

Most of the data is compiled from legitimate sources, and is therefore accurate. Some of the data is not.

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